Supply and Installation of Porphyry from Trentino
Our Company is dedicated to porphyry. In particular we market this stone in all its types and colours, we install the porphyry and in general all types of natural stone and paving.

Porphyry can be used with any other type of stone, and is suited for a wide range of applications and aesthetic interpretations. It is a natural material that links tradition and innovation, guaranteeing excellent results even in the most sophisticated and complex architecture.
These are some of the special characteristics of Porphyry:
  • Aesthetic beauty
  • Durability
  • Colour variety
  • Resistance to weathering agents and pollutants
  • Resistance to wear
  • Easily combined with other natural stones
  • Any type of processing
  • Unique for prestige paving
You can also use porphyry to cover walls, creating a very interesting aesthetic continuity between indoor and outdoor paving and facings, defining indoor surfaces by using polished and semi-polished floors, stairs, sills and so on.
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